On page and off page SEO are deeply interdependent on each other. If the on page optimization of your website has not been taken seriously or professionally the off page activities or even social media activities that you are going to undertake in future will not yield the desired results and you are probably going to loose out on the tough competition posed by your peers. There are quite a few on page errors that have a deep and long lasting effect on the website’s rankings on the search engine.

A mobile friendly website is must for good on page results

On Page - Mobile Friendly Website

On Page – Mobile Friendly Website

More and more searches on the web are being done via mobile devices. If you have not optimized your website for mobile gadgets you are seriously missing out on a major chunk of target audience who will never be able to find you on the virtual world. There are people who are solely dependent on their mobile devices only for searching and making purchases. Google and search engines are giving an advantage and value to websites that have a mobile friendly website in place for them self.

Website theme an important on page factor

While searching for website themes you may have come across a myriad of options in terms of pricing. Starting from free to several thousand dollars these themes play an essential part in the loading time of a website. To ensure that every element on a page loads with optimum speed requires intelligent and high coding thus increasing the cost of themes that are pegged at several thousand dollars. Going in for a free or a cheap theme (in terms of money spent) may ruin your chances of ranking high since on page optimization takes a beating. Google bots spend less time in checking websites that have slow loading speed and users often prefer to stay away from such websites. Of course the bounce rate of the website increases which is another major ranking factor taken into consideration by the search engines.

Fixing 404 errors, using 301 and 302 redirects while performing on page SEO

Having multiple broken pages on your website leads to missing out on the link juice that could have given an impetus to your search engine rankings. Once you are able to fix up these 404 errors Google and other search engines come to know that you care about your website and care for it which again adds to the value of the on page activities and search engine rankings of the website. 302 redirects should not be used for permanent changes instead they should be fixed and converted to 301 redirects. Keep 302 redirects where you don’t have a choice since it does not pass any link juice. Use 301 redirects intelligently so that they don’t hamper the link value of your website.

Not to mention the importance of updating the title tags, H1 tags which although sound to be very trivial can boost your website’s position on the search engine manifold.

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