Nokia Lumia 928 has become one of the most eagerly awaited products of this year. Even before the official Verizon release, there have been a few pictures and details about the phone that have come out. Here’s what we know.


Xenon Flash


The most exciting feature about the Nokia Lumia 928 is that it comes with Xenon flash. This will be the first phone in the Lumia series that will have Xenon flash. This will also have an impact on the photographs that you click with this phone, especially in low light conditions.




The camera will have a Carl Zeiss lens that is present in the Lumia 920 as well. The number of megapixels that it can support remains to be seen. But the image quality can be expected to be as good as or even better than the Lumia 920. Features like the ‘optical image stabilization’ are expected to make your photography activities easier.


Lumia 928 Display


As expected, the PureView Camera that Nokia so proudly flaunts will be coupled with the Pure Motion HD+ display. Also, the screen will be a 4.5 inch unit. This is mostly going to be an amazing combination as this phone is expected to compete with the phones from Samsung and even the iPhone 5.



The Lumia 928 will most definitely have a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor from Qualcomm with a dual core capability. This will definitely boost the processing power of this phone significantly.


The Final Opinion

Nokia seems to have finally got the combination right with the specifications, features, and even the design. Although Windows has not quite taken off like Android, we have to wait and see if the Lumia 928 can change that pattern in the market. One thing is for sure; this device certainly has the potential to make a difference.



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  1. stella

    I am a huge fan of nokia mobiles,because the got a good features and very flexible.This post was so good and informative.

  2. Adams

    I have always been a great fan of nokia mobiles.This Nokia lumia just drives me crazy,such a good and innovative features it got.The carlzeiss lens and display was awesome.

  3. Abbott

    The new nokia limia is the most admired phone by all when compared to others. The pic and video editing options are so good.

  4. Richard

    Yes Mr. Abott, Nokia lumia is one of the phone which admire. I just love it’s features and lot of unique apps.

  5. Wilson

    Nokia has caught the market with its lumia. Amazing features and mind blowing speed.


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