Some people are blessed with immense passion to cook. Most of these people are looking ways to share what they have and influence the whole community. When you are looking into a community to exhaust your passion in cooking, Nibble Dish can be the best place for you.

What is Nibble Dish?

Nibble Dish is an open-source book and online community of food lovers and avid cooks. Here, you can find a plethora of mouth-watering recipes shared by passionate cooks and rated by food lovers, who are members of the site.

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The site was formerly known as Open Source Food. Even with its name changed, it has remained on top of its goal, sharing delicious recipes for the community while emphasizing on new recipes creation. It also allows people to communicate with fellow avid cooks and collaborate on recipes that are easy to prepare and cook.


Nibble Dish can be the place you can visit whether you are looking for delicious recipes or trying to share your own.


How does Nibble Dish Work?

Registration is not required to browse the recipes Nibble Dish. If you are a visitor, you can simply browse unlimited recipes whenever you want. However, if you have a recipe to share, you should register first. The good thing is that registration at Nibble Dish is free and easy.


You do not have to be a professional cook to join Nibble Dish. The site only requires you to submit personal information to have your own Nibble Dish account. Registered members have more privileged than those who are not.


Nibble Dish basically highlights three things you can do.Browse – Browse through thousands of recipes with mouthwatering images, uploaded by Nibble Dish members.

Create – Create your own recipe with Nibble Dish as inspiration.

Share – Share your food experiments or homemade recipes and get comments or feed backs from fellow Nibble Dish members.

You can also rank recipes and follow users whose recipes you have enjoyed. What is cool about this site is that you can embed user submitted recipe, share it on other social networking sites.


Exciting Features

Amazing Recipes Most of the members have shared more than a hundred plus recipes. When you want to try new recipes, you can search through a wealth of delicious recipes in the site. The Recipe tab on the upper part of the site makes it very easy for first-users to locate the recipes. The site allows you to browse recipes according to the latest uploads, most popular, and best recipes for all season. From Chicken Recipes, Crock Pot Recipes, Chili Recipe and many more the site is a treasure of amazing recipes, which you will truly enjoy.


Delicious Food All the food at Nibble Dish is extremely explicit and delicious. Regardless of what the occasion is, you will find different recipes to meet your needs on the site. At Nibble Dish, you can discover a variety of mouthwatering dishes from different cultures and traditions. It’s a platform where Cooks from different parts of the world share their recipes; hence it is very easy for you to find Spanish style or Mexican style recipe. The site also features Asian foods, gourmets, and many more.

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Beautiful Photography The homepage displays the latest uploads from members with state-of-the-art photography. The photos do all the talking on how delicious the food is, enough to send your mouth watering. A look at the food photographs helps you decide on your recipe. The quality photos displayed on the site also allows you to judge whether or not the food is perfect for your wishes and expectation.


Personalized Layout Nibble Dish allows you to browse recipes by specific cooks. Every cook at the site also has their own profile, where they can say a little about themselves and display their recipes. Through their profile, you can also see which recipes they voted on, the people they are following and comments from other members in the community.


Social Networking Find out the latest recipes shared by other members and know what they think about your recipe. Share some ideas on how-to-cook-what and learn from other suggestions. At Nibble Dish, you can follow the person whose recipes you like, comment on some recipes, and relay brilliant thoughts. You can also use the site to connect with other cooking enthusiasts.



When you share recipes through Nibble Dish, you should expect that people around the world (not only within your network) are able to access it. Since the site does not have a stringent security setting such that it does not require registration before one can access the recipes, there is a high tendency that your recipe may be copied by other people. Nevertheless, you should be open to this.

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  1. Dorman

    I have passion to cook in free time and I think it is a good place to check out and try something good and time saving dishes.

  2. Robertson

    I think it is not a drawback. People are coming here to learn new dishes and they should have access to every dish to try.

  3. berry

    I am very delighted with nibble dish site. Without registration freely we can browse the recipes and can learn them. Really wonderful.

  4. Kirk

    This open source book is very helpful in sharing ones recipes and also good platform to learn good recipes.


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