AndroidThe Android Silver project is a new development from Google that will completely shift their mobile strategy. This includes replacing current Nexus phones with higher-end Silver smartphones. This change in strategy will continue to be extremely expensive and expansive. Google will spend a large amount of money promoting the new devices through advertising and in wireless carrier stores.

Google will be spending a lot on promotions, and they will be subsidizing development and marketing costs for hardware partners. As an even exchange, Google will then gain control over the type of software shipping on certain phones. This is their opportunity to eliminate bloatware, ensure updates and develop a standard that is consistent to the user across all devices. The first two candidates for the software are likely to be Motorola and LG.

The goal of Google’s rebranding strategy is to become a major player in the premium mobile device industry. This is such an important goal that the company is estimated to be spending upwards of $1 billion to have phone producers apply the new software to their devices. The company will first target the United States and developed markets beginning with in-store kiosks to show off its software.

The biggest question among experts is how Google will manage the mid-level market where the Nexus previously sat. If the Android Silver program is focusing on high-end phones, which companies will step up to fill the void that Google left?

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