The PlayStation 4 offers many new features when compared to its previous versions. For an enhanced gaming experience with excellent graphics and high-speed gaming, the PS4 comes as socially integrated. Probably the best of Sony’s gaming consoles so far, the PS4 is entirely focused on the gamer and the overall gaming experience. An excellent social gaming experience is created by the console’s intelligent personalization features put together with the option to share a game allowing an unparalleled online competitive environment. While so much focus is on the device’s social construct, it does not disappoint with regard to hardware features.


Hardware Features of the PS4


A highly adaptable device, the PS4 comes with 8×86-64 cores built into its powerful central custom chip. Excellent graphics are ensured by the PlayStation’s latest graphic processor, the 1.84 TFLOPS with 8 GB of rapid GDDR5 unified memory system. The excellent hardware serves as a platform for the developer-inspired next generation gaming features available on this gaming console. The PS4 also comes with the all-new DualShock 4 wireless controller. Efforts have been made to create the PS4 so that you may enjoy games as the PS4 allows you to get immersed in them.


A Smart and Social Gaming Device


The PlayStation 4 is able to actively learn your preferences. Content that you load on the device is stored and prioritized for time saving and easy access. While learning what you like, you can avoid what you do not like with the device. As it provides a social platform, you can view game content, videos, and movies that your friends share. Updates on gameplay tactics and strategy are also put forth on the forum. The Remote Play option on the PS4 allows you to take your entire gaming experience to the PlayStation Vita if you are on the move through an internet-based platform.



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