Best Buy is trying to make a major move in the market by releasing the all new VPR Matrix 200 A5 notebook that is designed by the German automotive company, Porsche. The designed is inspired by the car, and the top of the laptop has the Porsche logo printed on it.

Porche VPR MATRIX 200A5 Front view

Next to the brand logo, the notebook comes with a well-fashioned headlight unique to Porsche cars as part of the artwork. The design causes the top of the notebook to appear as the bonnet of one of the Porsche cars, adding to the thrill of owning the designer laptop.


Internal Specifications of the Porsche Notebook


Only the third notebook manufactured by Best Buy, the VPR Matrix 200 A5 is said to be their best notebook yet, according to critics. The notebook has a 15.2 LCD screen making it quite comfortable for watching videos or movies. The excellent digital audio system of the laptop enhances the overall entertainment experience of the user. The screen resolution is 1280 x 854, and the visual output has a high quality.


Cost and Hardware


The cost of the notebook is $ 2,399. It comes packed with a 2 GHz Pentium 4M processor, which works at mighty speeds. The notebook has a 512 MB RAM. The 40 GB hard disk is one of the negative aspects of the laptop. The memory space is not sufficient for many users, so they supplement it with the new 500 GB hard drive that is also designed by Porsche and compliments the notebook.


Accessorizing Your Porsche Notebook


You may accessorize your Porsche notebook with the classy looking silver case that it comes with. While it adds to the aesthetics, it also protects your notebook. The already mentioned 500 GB hard disk is a great buy to go with the laptop.



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    I am really happy because the price of the laptop is also given in this post. So that we will come to know whether we can afford this.

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    Yes bill, even i feel the same thing about this post. Must be thankful for your greatness.


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