The Siberia v2 Na’Vi (Natus Vincere) Edition headset by gaming sponsors SteelSeries is the second version of the v1. The drawback of the previous version of this gaming headset was that it did not come with a microphone. The SteelSeries Siberia v2 comes with some great modifications and quality upgrades. This ‘feature packed noise cancellation headphone set’ is one of the most stylish available in the market today.


Taking Gaming to a New Level


Na’Vi is one of the leading gaming teams right now in the category of Dota 2, Counter Strike and StarCraft II and they are sponsored by SteelSeries. The Siberia v2 Na’Vi edition is what the players on this team use. The cups around the ears come with inbuilt foam which helps cancel out the noise coming in from the exterior. This enables you to put your full focus or attention on what you are using the headphones for. Do not assume that this headset can be used only for PC gaming.

Features and Compatibility of Na’Vi


Natus Vincere is compatible with most phones and iPods with its 9.5 mm jacks. You do not necessarily have to be a gamer to be able to appreciate this state of the art headphone. The Na’Vi edition is special simply because it is adorned with the colors of the popular gaming icons. The Retractable microphone is found in the earcup to the left, the same side from which the cable sticks out to connect to your system.


Ease of Use of the Siberia v2


This allows you to switch between using it for different purposes. In situations where you do not require a microphone, you may simply hide it. The headset also comes with and integrated control center from where you may moderate volume. This volume control comes with a mute button as well. The three meter long cord allows you to move around a bit and does not get restricted by your gadgets.

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