People all across the world are looking for more than one source of income to give an impetus to their financial portfolio. Any source of income that you can maintain with your regular job or business is known as passive income. Once started such income keeps coming in provided you keep putting in small efforts at regular intervals. Passive income sources are immense the choice depends upon your interest and ability to manage things at your end. Keep looking out for options around you chances are that you may convert a mainstream source into a passive income source for yourself. Mystery Shopping is one such task that can be done regularly to have an extra bit of cash in your pocket every now and then.

What is mystery shopping?

Passive Income via Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping a source of Passive Income

Mystery shopping is not about turning into a detective or going undercover. An organization is going to pass on a set of instructions where you have to perform certain tasks and get back to them with specific data they are looking for. There are times when a company will ask you to buy certain products or services (of course they are going to pay for it) gather whatever data they have asked and then keep the product or service for yourself while getting paid for the job that you have done. Thus many times you stand to gain both ways. Although many a times you may have to just collect information and data to pass on for a specified amount agreed in advance.

The benefits of mystery shopping as a passive income source for you

The working hours while doing mystery shopping can be adjusted according to your working hours. You have the flexibility to choose jobs according to your interest and passion. Sometimes the jobs will be laden with extra benefits that will make your transactions more worthwhile. You don’t have to make any investment or pay any fee to become a mystery shopper.

Making mystery shopping a regular source of passive income

You can make mystery shopping a regular source of passive income provided you work regularly. Although it will be a bit tough to break the first deal but once you start working building contacts and getting more work will not be a problem for you. Respect the time limit fixed by the client since this will go a long way for you in deciding your work hours and pricing.

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