Its good news for businesses that carry more than one product; these products may or may not compete with each other. It specifically refers to organizations that specialize in carrying multi products in their portfolio. E-Commerce websites working on the lines of Amazon and Ebay stand to gain the most out of Multi product ads since these companies carry products that may compete with each other.  Facebook has taken a big step in terms of advertising multi products via multi products ads. Apart from that facebook has also added an enhancement to the updates to Custom audience. Remarketing strategies on facebook are going to a witness a sea change since the introduction of these changes is going to help in better and more sophisticated positioning of ads and campaigns on facebook.

Easy to reach target audience with more products via multi product ads

Multi product ads a reality

Multi product ads on facebook

Facebook has made it possible for multi brands to be promoted via one entity. If you are someone who is selling multi products from your outlet or website you need not run individual campaigns for each product or product line since facebook will give you an option to target users in one single advertisement. Three ads can be placed within one ad group.

Cost of advertising will be drastically reduced by multi product ads

The cost of advertising will come down drastically since spending for individual products on social media will be gone. Right now three products can be promoted via one ad on facebook. Later on Facebook may increase the number of products that can be placed within one advertisement. These ads placed have their individual description and individual target thus they may or may not be related with each other. These ads are particularly beneficial for online retailers where customers have left the website without making a purchase. These ads are particularly beneficial for E commerce websites that carry multiple products from multiple brands.

Multi product ads are the future

These kinds of ads are going to be the future of digital marketing since social media has taken up promotional activities for online marketers in a big way. Almost all social media platforms have been working hard to synchronize their platforms so that the reach of online marketers can be facilitated. Users have a special liking for social media since the reviews, ideas and fads on social media come from genuine people who have almost same profile.

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