Money Management

The one golden rule of futures trading is that you have to constantly supplement your capital with added funding, so that you can withstand major dips and changes in market conditions. Since futures is based on achieving certain predicted price levels at the end of the month, it is vital that your investment is able to sustain itself through the ups and downs the market has to offer. Money management the process of managing money which includes investment, budgeting, banking and taxes. So far money management is mandatory for saving, investing and spending.


Even if your price is finally achieved, a major dip without a deep enough money cushion could be devastating to your investment. Indicators and charts can only show you so much. Beyond a certain point though, it is up to your discretion to be able to play the markets right. Commodities and shares have a way of following predetermined patterns based on price ranges that have or have not been breached through history. These points are called supports and resistances.

Surviving with consistent average returns rather than aiming for large potential returns

Identify the strongest of them both and the various intermediate levels as well. Remember to pull out of the markets before you reach a volatile spot like this. The volatility is caused because of the sentiments of others taking part in the market transactions. Call and put options are closed, creating opposing reactions. This creates a sort of panic or euphoria among spot market traders. Irrespective of which of the two it really is, the implication is that prices will change substantially as a direct consequence of this phenomenon.


Pulling out early will keep you safer; but with less returns. The lower income on investment is what generally keeps people in the market for longer. The risk involved may seem to be worth it. However, consistent average profits are generally more favorable when compared to inconsistent, exorbitant profits and losses.

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