If you are looking for an app that will allow you to view the photos of all three social networking feeds, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, simultaneously, Mobli is the app you need. This intuitive app with a visually stunning user interface streams photos in a manner that is unique. With user-friendly options and an excellent performance that makes it a worthy iOS app, Mobli is one app that all social media junkies should try without fail.


Simple Signup Process

The signup procedure for this app is very simple and will remind you about Twitter and Pinterest signup. The details you need to enter are also pretty similar (which is consistent through all apps). After signup, you have an option of configuring your feed in such a way that you only view the content that is relevant.


Slideshow like User Interface

Mobli UI

The user interface of this app will definitely remind you a lot of slideshows because this UI is a reinvented slideshow in itself. Based on the preferences that you choose during the signup process, pictures are selected from your social media platform stream and displayed.


Mobli Features


By far, the most impressive feature of Mobli is that the feed displayed to you is an intuitive combination of your preferred feeds, the public Mobli feed (from iOS devices around the world) and your geographical location (GPS should be turned on for this). Also, you can cycle back to an older photo in the feed in case you missed that. All you need to do is flick your finger across the screen.



Like many iOS applications, Mobli performs like a charm. We did not find any issues when the app was tested. If you want an app that focuses on the pictures stream only on your social media channels, then Mobli is the app for you.




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  1. Llamas

    Thanks for such a good information.I use to think previously for same kind of app which  allows me  to view the photos of all three social networking sites.Its really helpful.

  2. Jashuwa

    Wow its amazing Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in One App,that really sounds good.I must thank you for such a good post.


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