Spanish telecom giant Telefonica is all set to team up with Blackstone to launch Axonix, a real-time mobile bidding ad exchange system. The technolgy used to build Axonix has been taken from the now defunct MobClix. Axonix will be based out of London and will start its operation from May 2014. The initial focus of Axonix will be on the markets in Europe, Latin America and United States.

MobClix which was an up and coming mobile advertisement company was acquired by a marketing firm Velti back in 2010. In 2013 Velti was hit severely by a financial crunch and it went into bankruptcy which also led to the downfall of MobClix. The assets of MobClix was picked by the credit division of Blackstone.


It seems now that Blackstone and Telefonica have seen some economic value in the technology of MobClix and have decided to make use of it. Simon Birkenhead will be taking over as the Chief Executive Officer of the new venture. He was the head of the global advertising sales department in Telefonica. Simon Bailey will be the Chief Operating Officer. The two parent company will be providing Axonix with all the funding for the next two years.


The MobClix technology was built on a great platform and it was very unfortunate that it had to go down. With Axonix the technology will be much secure from all the financial troubles. Telefonica is known for supporting promising start-ups, but this latest acquisition comes as a surprise after the closing down of its standalone division Telefonica Digital.

The potential for growth is immense as the market for mobile ads is expected to increase by 13 percent. The initial customers for Axonix includes the parent company Telefonica apart from its partners like Sprint and Firefox OS.

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