One of the reasons why so many people are preferring iPhones over normal phones is the sheer variety of apps or applications that come along. Financial apps are becoming very popular because they help people keep a track of their personal finance and budgeting very easily and the desired information stays handy as well. Mint Personal Finance App for iPhone is one of the best finance apps which is free to use.


Mint Personal Finance App Features

 mint personal finance app ui

Mint Personal Finance app is a very user-friendly app designed for daily and monthly financial planning. The features are well planned making it possible for even someone who is not much well-conversant with financial terminology to maintain decent records and stay updated on his/her financial scenario. Some of the features are:

  1. It categories your transaction based on their nature
  2. It alerts you when you have gone overboard for a particular item of expense
  3. It keeps you updated with  all your bank account balances
  4. You can enter the details of your cash transactions manually and add location tags to the same using Google Places
  5. It shows your pending transactions
  6. It alerts you about the due dates for payment of bills
  7. It has adequate security measures to keep the data safe

User Interface


The best thing about the Mint Personal Finance iPhone app is its utter simplicity in terms of interface and setup. To start with, the setup time is really low and hence quite a plus point. You just need to spend few minutes and punch in some details to get started on it. The makers have consciously kept this app simple enough to be handled by all. There is no complicated bar or pie chart analysis to confuse people who do not have good knowledge of finance. Also, iPhone’s stupendous display makes the interface even better to handle. You can now stay updated with your bank balances and the latest transaction just at a touch. There is no need to login time and again into your numerous accounts to do so.

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