Running a facebook ads campaign for your business needs meticulous planning in the beginning and once it is up and running you need to be on your toes to monitor and covert your leads in the best possible manner. Between starting a facebook ads campaign and converting a lead you need to do a lot of things to ensure optimum results for your business and a good ROI for the campaign. You can’t just start and wait for the leads to appear for you. Keep on tweaking your facebook ads campaign and you are good to go in terms of doing business for your organization.

Measuring the impressions for your facebook ads campaign

More the number of impressions for your facebook ads campaign more is the brand awareness for your brand. Choose your ad position and timing carefully to generate more impressions for your facebook ads campaign. If the number of impressions decreases it is time to change the suggested bid since it has fallen out of the suggested range. Measurement of the impressions data ensures that you know exactly to how many people your facebook ad has been shown. Thus it becomes easy for you to gauge how fruitful is it to be on facebook in terms of your niche.

Keep an eye on the clicks while running a facebook ads campaign

This particular factor helps you in getting a fair idea how effective your facebook ad has been. This is basically a measure of the interest of your target audience in your advertisement. More the interest of the target audience more will be the number of clicks you are going to receive for your facebook ads campaign. Collecting the number of impressions and the number of clicks it is time to quality the amount of interest your target audience has in your ads campaign. CTR – Click Through Rate calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions is the quantification of interest for your facebook ads campaign. However do not take this quantity on face value since it needs to be seen in tandem with other factors that form a major factor in measuring the success of your facebook ads campaign.

Conversion matrices need to be monitored on a regular basis

The main measure for the success or failure of any campaign is the conversion that has been achieved. Getting your target audience to your website via facebook has been achieved now it time to see if we have been able to derive the desired action from the user who has come to the website. If you are targeting sales for a particular product you need to measure the number of sales that have achieved via the facebook ads campaign. All websites do not measure their success based on the number of sales some of the businesses may be trying to get email ids or phone numbers from their prospects while others may just be disseminating information to their target audience. To measure and compare the level of conversions you can have a look at the conversion rate that is obtained by dividing the number of conversions by the number of clicks.

Return on ads spend for a facebook ads campaign will be a measure of success

As a businessman you need to have a fair idea of the investment you have made on advertising. If the expenditure on advertising is more and the sales via those ads are less it is better to change or stop that campaign. Same goes for your facebook ads campaign. Having a 100% or more in terms of the Return on ads spent will be every social media marketers target however if you are looking at the larger picture and want to play it long term a Return on ads spent less than 100% will also be good enough to go. Returns on investment can be calculated by dividing the revenue by the ad cost. Keep your eyes and ears on the above mentioned factors and try and keep them positive for your facebook ads campaign

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