A popular adage goes on to say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” Images have the power to conjure up vivid experiences in our mind. They have the power to resonate with our emotions and express with accuracy.

Pinterest- the online pin board has gained higher popularity in the past few years. With its aesthetic style seeping into the digital marketing corners, there has been a boost in its usage. These days, marketers have begun to make use of this vivid Pinterest portal to communicate effectively.

There is indeed a lot of push and pull between email and social media marketers, but ironically these two channels have also been merging into each other. The strangest part is that the results derived by this blend have been unbelievable beyond words.

Integrating Pinterest with Email- What does it Yield?

Pinterest modifications

Pinterest changes

Pinterest and email marketing may sound like two unlike poles, but coalescing them both could yield some of the most rewarding results. An integration of Pinterest with email could be a surefire way to generate leads and increase sales like never before!

With a humungous 77% of customers desiring marketing communications via emails, and having about 70 million Pinterest users, we could expect an overwhelming response to this amazing integration.

Are you thinking of bringing Pinterest and Email marketing together? If yes, here’s a brief lowdown on the different ways to maximize the benefits of this merger:

Incorporate Pinterest Links and Icons in E-Mail

It is always suggested to incorporate Pinterest links and icons within your mails. This enables your audiences to pin the stuff they love the most. You could simply get your email afloat on the online pin board with the effective usage of these icons.

These icons also go a long way in incentivizing users to share your content, and hence add to greater visibility. It also allows people who are not subscribed to your mail to get notice. There is greater visibility with just a simple alteration!

Showcase New Look of your Email

Have a fabulous design you cannot stop raving about? If yes, Pinterest is the perfect platform that allows you to share your highly visual content. Striking new email content, crafted with utmost creativity is always a wonderful option to showcase through emails. Here the power of email spreads through the very graphical Pinterest. It also helps in enhancing attention and creating a buzz around your content. You could also promote latest trends through these integrated emails, which could augment your following like never before!

Periodic Circulations

You could also leverage the power of email for maximizing your Pinterest outreach. Through your email, you could always send over a periodic update of your Pinterest boards. Let nobody miss what you have to offer through this highly visual board.

Integration of social and email has definitely helped marketers promote themselves and their brands in an effective manner. It is time to leverage the power of this integration in a highly effective way.

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