Links within SEO are still effective and do matter a lot for the website to climb up the SERP’s. We have been seeing a lot of discussions and deliberations around link building especially every time any update is rolled out by Google and the rankings go haywire. Many webmasters will suggest the use of links only in limited quantities while some talk about quality and there are others who will announce the death of link building. The best thing however is to go by the book and follow logics while building links. Stick to basics. Although it will take time you are surely going to reap the benefits sooner or later.

No Article Directory Links to your website

Article directories used to be a quick source of links within SEO a few months back. Many business owners were churning out content for article directories a few of them were making use of software like article spinners to fool Google. The part is over. Matt Cutts himself has categorically stated that links from article directories are not going to take you anywhere. It does not mean you stop writing and posting on article directories, if you already have an audience over there keep posting however be careful with the links. For beginners either build a genuine audience base and promote original useful content don’t just go there for a link.

One or two links from a website is more than enough

A link from one website once or twice is good enough for your link profile. If you are getting linked to the same website 20 times its not going to help you in anyway. Whatever benefit you had to receive you have received it initially now its just a waste of time if you are getting more links. Apart from that if you are getting too many links form a single website Google may think you are spamming.

Stay away from paid links

Paid Links pull down rankings

Steer clear from Paid Links

Paid links have been thrown out of the game completely. One single paid link from a link farm may put the whole SEO campaign on stake. Steer clear of such links they look tempting since you just need to pay money and your link is there but ultimately the end result will not be very beneficial.

Links from relevant content is beneficial

Relevancy is something that you need to look out for these days. Relevancy in terms of content, niche you are working in and even the geographical locations. Thus if you are a photographer in Michigan try and get links from content that is related to photography, links from websites that cater to photography and are based either in Michigan itself.

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