LinkedIn has been enhancing the user experience since a long time. The LinkedIn we knew a few years ago has gone a sea change in recent times although it has not lost its core value of being the most trusted and the best professional social networking platform. Just like other social networking platforms that are making sure to enhance the user’s experience on the web LinkedIn is making sure to deliver the best in terms of technology, ideas and connectivity to its users.

LinkedIn Apps

LinkedIn introduces a new app Connected

Connected from LinkedIn helps you remain more organized

You don’t gave to worry about missed birthdays, anniversaries or even updates about job changes or job anniversaries of individuals in your network. Celebrate all moments that really matter to you. You are going to be notified about all these changes and events in your network by this app connected. Its really easy to stay connected with your network via this app since it is just a matter of few swipes and you are there in action congratulating people on their new job or a anniversary.

Benefit to users who are already using LinkedIn

As a user you are going to experience a few changes in your network growth since the app is going to make you more organized and is going to increase your exposure on the social networking platform. Profile views of individuals using connected will increase 6 times. You are going to see endorsements seven times more than the ones you are viewing right now. Sync your data with the calendar and before going in for any meeting you are going to be informed about the reminders that you are going to really need to keep your professional networking working.

LinkedIn committed to provide the best to its users

LinkedIn has been changing and tweaking its portal to keep pace with the changing needs of people socializing on its network. It has laid special focus and emphasis on the mobile and Smartphone experience of users since this is the way majority users are accessing social networking websites. Thus more apps and features can be expected from LinkedIn in future that will add to the user’s experience in coming days.

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