Highly successful link builders have a link building strategy of their own. A winning link building strategy is one that not only ranks your website up the search rankings but also brings in referral traffic. In the past SEO consultants had a tendency of acquiring links fro any source they could lay their hands on. This was and still is the dividing line between a winning Link building strategy and a low value link building strategy. Acquiring links is not that tough but acquiring links that can get your website traffic and rankings is quite tough.

Get links from Websites that you think can be valuable to you

It not always important to base your link building strategy around Google’s search algorithm. Nonetheless it is not even a bad idea to follow the guidelines set by Google since they have the guidelines set for a link profile that is ultimately going to pass on the benefit to the users. You as a webmaster need to look into the link prospecting and seek links that you think are going to be useful for your website, irrespective of the fact whether Google likes them or not.

Increasing the Referral traffic will boost your ROI on SEO

Statistics show that only 47% of traffic comes via search engines rest of the traffic is generated from other sources out of which 15% is via Referral Traffic. You can generate referral traffic by keeping your link at a strategic position. A strategic position is one where people come looking for products and services that are related to you or your niche. You have a great chance of converting these users to your clients for a long time. Yes generating your traffic from such referrals is going to increase the ROI on your SEO efforts.

Branding yourself on the World Wide Web will buffer you from ranking drops

Link Building for branding

Link Building for your brand

If you are able to establish yourself as a brand in your niche chances are that people will not search you via keywords they will be landing directly on your website. Thus you need to promote your brand along with your keywords in your link building endeavors. The more someone sees your name the more will be the recollection for your brand or organization among users. Once you have a good number of users leverage their presence on social media and promote yourself over there also.

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