Link building has taken a beating from time to time when online marketers and SEO professionals have called it a day fro link building because of the various updates and changes in the Google algorithm. However every time link building has come up as the most reliable and robust technique of climbing the search engine rankings. Sticking to basics and keeping the search engine algo in good spirit while doing the right things in the right perspective is the key to success to drive traffic and increase rankings. Every link builder and SEO professional needs to keep a few things in mind before and while building links for any website.

Quality in Link building needs to be priority

It is not the number of links that you build for your business it is all about the quality of links that you are getting for your website that will matter in the end. Although in initial days of link building quality was a yardstick to measure the success of a website (some people are still sticking to that old school) however these days it is the quality of the link that matters more than the quantity. One link from a authority website from your niche is better than hundreds of links from unrelated low quality websites. Invest your time in link building not on increasing the quality of the links but on searching for quality links for your business.

Earn your links instead of just building them

Websites which have a robust content strategy in place and are being mentioned and referred to in their niche will be the most benefitted in terms of web traffic and rankings. Do not rely merely on building manual links via article submissions, web 2.0 properties, forum posting, blog commenting; instead share interesting, intriguing, shareable content that people want to share on their websites. You must be able to garner references and links via these sources. These links will be the ones that are going to give you an edge above your competitors.

Leave your fears aside while link building

All links are not going to earn you the wrath of Google even if they are unrelated or from low quality websites. You need not worry about getting a few links that you think are not up to your standard. Unless you are doing something that is really frowned down upon by Google you can take up a few harmless links into your link profile. Steer clear from link farms, black hat techniques, websites that have a shady business and you are good to go.

Link building is the essence of the World Wide Web. This is here to stay you can keep building links for your business. Just stick to the basics, build good links and sync your link building strategy with your content and social media strategy.

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