AndroidSamsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge, a phablet with a game-changing feature. The company has been entertaining the idea of curved displays for longer than one year, and the Note Edge is the fruit of their labor. The device has a screen that wraps around the edge of the QHD display; the edge screen is completely independent of the primary display yet fully interactive.

Previous attempts at curved screens by other companies have not yielded any real benefits. The Galaxy Note Edge offers a variety of practical advantages. The secondary Edge Display can provide updated information, a variety of buttons and even rolling sports, stock and weather tickers. Out of the box, the strip is a customizable favorite apps bar. With a simple flick, users can view up to seven ticker widgets.

The edge screen’s most useful function for many users is its clock. When the main screen is off, the time and date softly glow along the curved edge. The sloped shape makes this phablet the perfect bedside alarm clock. In order to support the Edge Display, third-party app developers will have to create apps with this additional functionality. Experts believe that Samsung must feature this display on the majority of its product lines to maximize differentiation. This will create a huge consumer base for application developers.

Samsung has not yet confirmed a launch date, but they have said it will be some time later this year.

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