There are several people who watch movies with a lot of passion and cannot live without getting to know the unique and funny trivia related to the movie. For such people, there are some iPhone apps that will definitely go a long way in satiating their need to know about the latest Hollywood releases. Here is an extensive list of the best iPhone apps that will help you what to watch at the movies:

Iphone apps

  • iTune Movie Trailers

There are many other similar apps available for free where you can watch the trailers, but what separates iTune Movie Trailers from the rest are features like high definition presentation and some smooth interface. There is also an option to jump to the theater listing from watching the trailers. You can then book the tickets by navigating to the site of the theater where the movie is showing near you.

Download iTune Movie Trailer from here
  • IMDB Movies and TV

This is one app that can be called the undisputed leader among the movie apps as it combines everything you need to know about movies in one single app.

Download IMDB Movies and TV from here
  • Awards Hero: Oscars Edition

With this app, you will get to see trailers and other useful information for each of the Oscar nominated films in all major categories. You will also get to see a history of past achievers and a choice to select your personal picks.

Download Awards hero:Oscars Edition From here
  • Netflix

If you want an app where you can watch the entire movie, Netflix is surely among the best, as it has a large collection of movies from the latest ones to the classics. There is also an option where after watching the movie, you can rate it and according to your rating, Netflix will recommend certain movies with the help of its taste algorithm.

Download Netflix from here  

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