Gold PhoneSince the emergence of smartphones nearly a decade ago, Intel has avoided the segment until now. The company’s CEO would like to reverse that approach and implement the same aggressive strategy that has made it a player in the tablet sector. Over the next year, Intel will set a target for the number of smartphones they wish to distribute with their chips.

By partnering with the proper channels to develop new products and innovations, Intel will also be heavily focusing on driving down the cost of chips for their devices. The executive team hopes to have a phone goal set by November or December 2014. Intel’s newest chip, Sofia, will be integrated with 3G by the end of 2014. At the beginning of 2015, an LTE version of the chip will be available.

Intel also recently announced that Samsung and half a dozen other phone manufacturers will be using some of its communications processors in its phones. This is another major move to help Intel calm many years of struggle in the smartphone sector. ARM currently rules the mobile device and tablet markets with its processor design, which has been used in several best-selling devices.

Intel’s CEO has previously been conservative with its smartphone goals and aggressive with tablet focuses. The company plans to roll out the 3G Sofia variant in emerging counties while the LTE version will be implemented in mature markets. They are building the two products for two different price points. Intel’s most recent chips are Merrifield and Moorefield, which use the 22-nanometer process.

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