Twitter is obviously a place that you cannot afford to miss if you are running a social media campaign for yourself, your company or even a brand that you endorse. However there are several easy to use basic concepts that are usually neglected. If you follow the basics of Twitter you are bound to rise above the fold and present your ideas to a wide range of audience on the social media. The general tendency is to create a login on twitter upload any image and start tweeting. Your audience sees more than that.

Clarity in name, bio, background and header a must on twitter

While signing up for twitter make sure you have your intentions clear of being there. If you are there for you your photograph needs to portray the latest image of yours and if you represent a company or a brand a logo for your company or brand would be the best choice. An interesting bio from your part would be adding spice to your twitter account. Several options like changing the background can be exercised for better brand recognition and connection with your users. Make sure you devote your initial phase on twitter in getting your bio, header and background in the best shape to leave an impact on your users.

Unique Engaging content helps even on twitter

Twitter Content

Create twitter content that is shared and liked

Content that’s interesting, unique and presented in the permissible limits of twitter will surely be an advantage for you in terms of increasing your followers, increased interest and increased engagement. To make sure you share unique and interesting content on twitter you need to be aware of your business, its dynamics, the industry in which you operate along with the psyche of your users.

Etiquettes matter everywhere so do they matter on Twitter

You need to know the dos and don’ts on twitter. Your responses should not be arrogant, too submissive and not even ignorant. Don’t use any automated tools to respond. However make sure you answer every question. Retweets can be endorsed by saying a thank you. If you are handling multiple accounts for different industries, please keep in mind that all these accounts are different personalities with a different set of followers who have different psyches. One single tweet may not interest all of them.

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