Everyone in this world wants to increase money that he or she has today. And the increase has to be in exponential numbers. If you are one of them then it is time to have a relook at your strategy that you have been following till now and work on one that has been used with definite results by people who have really made it big with regards to the financial gains. Increase money that you already have not by spending less but by investing it in the right instruments and the investing your knowledge and efforts in the direction that allows you a lot of chances to leverage your existing income and in turn increases money in the process.

Inventing a process or product and sell it to increase money in your portfolio

Invest your time, money, energy, knowledge and past experiences in inventing new things that makes life easier for people. A perfect example for that is the pool cleaner. You can think of a product or a process that makes functioning of companies or even homes much easier and seamless. Once you have invented something out of your innovation and creativity make sure to patent the prototype. If the concept is a game changer you have hit a jackpot since people will be ready to pay for utilizing your product provided it makes their life easier and seamless.

Turn a Hobby into a business to increase money

Increase money via your hobby

Increase money with hobby

If you have been interested in aeromodelling in your young days and have followed that passion with vigor in your youth turn it into a business. Start aeromodelling hobby classes for people who are looking out to make their own airplane models. You can even supply the parts required to build these models to people whom you are coaching. Your hobby is something that can help your increase money in your portfolio. Follow your passion and convert it into a profession either full time or part time.

Sell tickets for parties and local events that you host at home

Host a local band that is popular in your area at your place and sell tickets for them. Use social media to tell people who may be interested in a live performance for that band that you are hosting them at your home. You can earn good money while promoting these local bands. You can also host other activities that no one in your area has thought of hosting in the past. You are going to benefit from these events in a couple of ways. Since you are selling tickets for the bands you are going to increase money for yourself and the bands will be indebted to you since you are promoting them.

You can increase money like millionaires the only thing you require is right direction and patience to proceed when no one trusts you.

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