Twitter enhances your social media presence there is little doubt about that. Leveraging the exposure and brand value that twitter can bring is a dream for every individual involved in social media campaigns. One cannot attain overnight success on twitter. To be successful and well known and establish yourself as a brand on twitter you need to give some time and choose the right ingredients for a successful social media campaign.

Photographs catch attention on twitter

Images have a better impact than words almost anywhere and everywhere. Even on twitter if you have an image attached to text the impact would be far reaching. Since tweets that have images attached to it are retweeted 35% more that tweets that have only text in them. Images tend to catch the attention of the twitterati and they are compelled to retweet it. The level of engagement on twitter for your brand and organization will increase and you can also see an increase in your brand recognition across the social media platforms. This is something that can be done so easily with a wide variety of image available on the internet.

You just need to make sure that you don’t infringe copyrights since it would put a bad impression on your brand. Choose an image that best describes your tweet for the occasion.

Videos create interest on Twitter

Increase Social Media Exposure

Increasing RT

Not all videos but those videos that are unique and will be able to engage the twitterati. There are many videos that have been overused on the twitter time and again. These kinds of videos will only harm your reputation. However if your choice of videos is good there are even chances that you will be able to increase the number of your retweets by 28% on twitter.

Quotes, Digits and Hashtags are game for retweets on twitter

Including quotes, digits and hashtags play a big role in the engagement of your followers since they are proven factors for increasing the number of retweets on twitter. Its time you started including images, videos, quotes, hashtags and numbers into your tweets and see the increase in the engagement via retweets on your twitter handle.


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