You don’t need a Freeview Box When You Have a Smartphone with TV Catchup

In the UK, you’ll know that for watching most live TV you’ll need a TV freeview box, however, with technology advancing so fast, it seems like there is now a perfect alternative that can be plugged into your TV, carried around portably, and be viewed at any point in time at any place there is a data connection.


TV Catchup App Overview

I’m of course talking about your smartphone, which can now double up as a freeview box with a new app called TV Catchup.

TV Catchup is an app that lets you tune in live to current freeview TV channels such as BBC and iTV without any additional charges. In total, TV Catchup includes over 50 different channels, and they are all accessible from the navigatable UI located on the left hand side of the screen.

TV Catchup App UI

Two thirds of the screen on the right is withheld for the actual show you’re watching, whilst there are a few video playback settings, including a fullscreen button to allow you to watch anything without the clunkiness of the app’s UI.

At times, the app lags a little, but most of the time shows run smoothly, and of course lag and playback issues will most likely be dependant on your own data connection.

It’s also possible to save, favorite and re-watch recordings and channels with the user interface, although these options seem hidden behind the scenes.



Whilst watching the app, the user interface is slick, and easy to navigate, whilst the channel you’re watching plays in the background usually without issue. The video playback settings are decent enough to give you control over volume and screen size, although there isn’t a working pause/play feature.

On top of this, there are a plenty of features to be found behind the scenes including the already mentioned recording features.

Personally I love the TVCatchup app, and it’s perfect for watching on the go, or on the big screen.

Remember, you’ll need a TV license to watch freeview, so even if you don’t have a freeview box, you’ll need a license to use this application.




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  1. Robert

    Cool technology with the smart phones. It only needs a lot of free space for storage.

  2. Smith

    Yes, this is a perfect alternative for me to watch the TV anywhere and I usually watch while travelling.

  3. Kai

    Wonderful app with innovative technology and useful to all.Thanks for such a good post.

  4. Lewis

    This Smartphone with TV Catchup is such a wonderful and amazing kind of app. This app is very unique from others.

  5. Grifford

    I have never come across such a cool app in my life. Very innovative and useful app.


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