Thanks to a busy worklife, people find it very difficult to take time out to go the gym and exercise. Now,technology has come to the rescue for all those on a tight schedule who want to maintain a healthy body. The introduction of the 7 Minute Workout app has drastically improved workout sessions for many people.

The app has a varied selection of 12 contrasting workouts that target most muscle groups in our body. Killer Quads, Sculpted Arms, Cardio and Core are some of the workouts available on this app. The idea for this unique workout was first presented in an article featured in the New York Times last year. According to the writer, the seven minutes would be unpleasant, but worth the ordeal once it is over.


The basic principle behind the application is that it targets particular muscle groups in the body for a span of 30 seconds. This practice is quite beneficial as it helps you break away from your monotonous routine. Quite a few users have mentioned the benefits of the app in their reviews. Results showed that the application helped a number of people cut down extra weight and increase metabolism.

The app allows you to listen to music while you exercise. Once you have gained expertise in all 12 routines, you can slowly start to increase your workout time for quicker results. Shuffle routines to make the process less monotonous.

Once you overcome the initial hesitation, you will get hooked on to the app, and you will be pleased with the results.

The application is available on iTunes. If you find that your hectic work schedule does not allow for enough time at the gym, consider downloading it to optimize your workout sessions.

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