Ifunny is fun to use and interact with, while needing more age caps for young users.

Developers: Flysoft


About the Developers:  Flysoft is a mobile app developing team from Russia. They have apps based on Windows Mobile, JAVA, iOS and Android platform. Their iFunny 🙂 apps is very popular in the play store and web too. They only have two apps, in Play store, iFunny 🙂 and Rage Comics :).


Platforms: Android (Version 2.1 and later is supported)


Latest Version and Update Date: Latest version: 2.2.1 and Update date: December 13, 2012.


Price: Free


Application Size: 2.8MB


Category:  Entertainment


Content Rating: Medium Maturity


Works with:

Touch Display
Camera Device
SD Card


How it Works?

The app requires internet connection. It shows funny pictures on its user interface the user can like, comment, and share and save the pictures. This app also provides meme, rage comics maker option. Users can also take his funny picture or video from phone camera device. And the app gives option to work on any picture, distorting into different funny looks.



New funny comics, rage, meme, funny pictures and videos. The app editor chooses the picture or video to work on. The iFunny Studio to enables you to meme, rage or any kind of funny pictures or videos while saving them onto the SD card. It has the capability to comment under pictures or videos. You may also read other peoples comments .Share funny picture or videos from iFunny to Facebook, Twitter which complements its social aspect.



The app presents a beautiful, easy to use, user interface.

It has quality funny pictures while maintaining stability especially with the updated version.

Shows top funny pictures at a glance, and pictures are frequently updated with new ones. The capability to save your funny picture on the SD card is a plus .The app makes sharing worked on videos and pictures easy.



The app does not support offline mode.

Very slow on 3G connections.

The app is not good for kids, needing age restriction due to its nature to show all adult rated pictures.

Summary: This app is fun to use and interact with, while needing more age caps for young users.





Free download/install

ios android

6 Responses

  1. Robertson

    When considering the content they show I don’t think it is too bad to browse it but can limit it to the entertainment and fun without involving much into it. It is just for mind relief.

  2. Wolferene

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I and fond of comics and funny shares. I wanna such kind of fun for good time.

  3. Lorenzen

    This is a different app,i never come across.Its really new feature and interesting too.

  4. Isabel

    Wonderful post i must say.Really this app is so good,it got innovative features,i have tried it.Really nice.

  5. Rosario

    Ifunny is a new app i have ever seen. Really sophisticated with smart features. I am going to try it.

  6. Liam

    Those fucking app developers are the biggest ass holes on the planet they fuck with you and they ban you I got banned just cause one told me to do somthing and. I didint they ar smear get the app but watch out four them


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