Being funny on social media helps in the long run. Humour creates bonding and this bonding helps you create, engage and attract new clients to your business and retain them for future. Humour and laughter are the best modes of communication for human beings. If you are able to keep your clients in a good sense of humour you have their business. Humour on social media is something that you should not be afraid to use. Using humour on social media to put your point, product, idea or service among your target audience is the best thing you can do to your business.

A Sense of humour on social media creates a bonding

Humour is a universal language and is understood across the world without much of a problem. Keeping your target audience entertained will help you leverage your content to attract more audience via social media. People laugh 30 times more when in a group as compared to when they are alone. Creating humour on your social media pages or handles like facebook and twitter create a sense of bonding among your target audience. They gel together well and start identifying with the kind of humour and content you are sharing with them. Thus you are building and moulding a community for yourself that will be responding and waiting for your updates in future.

Emotional responses can be triggered via humour on social media

Positive feeling and vibes are quite important for any community and helps in maintaining a good repo among the people you are working with. A pleasant emotional response is triggered when people anticipate that you are going to come up with something funny which is going to give them a lighter moment. Once shared it creates a long lasting effect on the individual who has been following you. The logic behind sharing and creating humour on social media is that it creates a positive and happy feeling with your brand. Once a positive and happy feeling is created promotion for you becomes easier. Promoting via a positive attitude or a positive and humorous post is advisable on social media.

Brand recognition via humour on social media

How many brands do your remember today that you can associate yourself for making your happy every day. I am sure a very few. However the one that you can remember because of social media are surely a league apart from all the other brands working out there. This kind of brand recognition is normally developed when you are able to build a reputation and bonding with your target audience. Building a reputation and brand awareness is quite easy if you are able to develop a sense of positivity among your target audience. And this positive feeling comes easily if you are sharing humour on your social media handles.

Make sure your humour triggers a sense of positivity and is not offensive towards anyone. Keep your target audience in splits and they will keep your cash registers ringing.

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