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Google Maps for iOS

Apple can now breathe a sigh of relief as the ever impressive Google Maps is now available for iOS devices also. Apple’s endeavor for creating its own maps and navigation applications disastrously backfired and the company came under a lot of criticism. Interestingly, Google maps app for iOS devices is better than the Android counterpart of the same application.


User Experience

Google Maps has always boasted of an impressive user experience and the app improves it with the iOS version. You can input the destination using voice input or type it using the keypad. If you have enabled GPS on your phone, your location will be pointed by a pulsating blue dot. You can also find out alternate directions using a single click of an icon at the bottom of the screen. There is also the feature where you can get the satellite image of the road or its digitized version in the form of a map.


User Interface

The user interface is smooth and incredibly responsive. In some ways, you can attribute the improved performance of this app to the impressive hardware that Apple devices have. The maps are clear and uncluttered, as usual. All the options are easily accessible on the screen and the usability of the app is pretty good too.


Audio Guidance

You can download and install the audio assistance package, similar to how you do on Android devices. The voice guidance system is also impressive, although it would be nice if the voice had a more neutral accent. But that is only a small flaw in the otherwise super-impressive voice guidance package.


A Few Drawbacks

There are no additional details that are displayed on the travel route, like speed limit, signal information, etc. There is also very less provided in terms of configuration of this app and you have to make do with what you have. Also, there is no lane assistance option, which is a must for an app that should be used as an alternative to a car navigation system.


The Verdict

Overall, Google Maps for iOS is a very impressive app, in some ways better than its Android counterpart. Apple users need not settle with the less-impressive Apple Maps application that is built-in to the iOS devices.

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  1. E. Keenan

    It is true that there is no additional information about the place because people who register and setup their location must give all information to Google for displaying in maps.

  2. Kathleen

    With the evolution of google maps there is no necessity of a paper map but every mobile or a gadget should be connected to the internet.


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