Google has been doing numerous changes to its search algorithm. Why are these changes being made? Someone who is not well versed with Google may think that Google is not doing well thats why its making these changes. Well thats not a truth Google is going extremely well. We don’t search things these days we Google them. Google is making all these changes to make search more personalized and exact for its users.

Customer Reviews getting importance on Google

Google is keeping the user at the middle of the experience. Yes Google is listening to the user’s voice; not only listening its also valuing the user’s views. Google has been showing reviews in its search results for local businesses. These reviews are not only valued by users but also by Google itself. Since these are based on the firsthand account of the user after using the services or products of the business. These are the most genuine and valued reviews since they cannot be bought.

Getting reviews from Google plus an added advantage for businesses

Google Plus Reviews

Reviews on Google Plus

If you are a business and have a good user base on Google having a Google Plus profile in place still your reviews are nowhere to be seen especially in the quote and knowledge graph section. Well you need to ask your users to put their reviews on Google Plus. Its not established however many industry experts have mentioned that providing reviews on Google Plus is going to be quite beneficial for any business. Not many people have realized the hidden power of Google Plus.

Watch out for Local listings on Google Plus

Google local listings, places and now Google plus you need to keep changing your strategy. Having a page on Google Plus is a must for every business that has a online presence. This is the next big thing thats going to hit users online. This is a big business opportunity for businesses all across the world. Google has been quite intelligent to bold letters that are mentioned several times in several reviews. The User has an idea what exactly he is going to expect out of that business. Before making any buying decision users are going to check on Google Plus what exactly they are looking for.

Businesses need to make sure that they have their Google Plus strategy in place.


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