Google Keep- Google’s Own Note Taking Service

We all need to make notes about what we may need to do, usually because we have so many things to do that it can be easy to forget something on our list somewhere. Writing it down on paper was the traditional method of keeping notes, and having a notebook with you can always be handy, but because of the bulkiness of it, having a notepad on you at all times can be quite convenient.

Luckily with the rise of smartphones, this is no longer the problem, and we can finally keep notes without having to carry round anything that we wouldn’t be carrying with us anyway. We’ve seen quite a few note keeping services, and now it seems Google wants to join the crowd.

Google Keep Overview

Evernote is always going to be the leader of note keeping services, and if anyone tries to out play them, Evernote will be quick to add more features to make their service on top again. Google Keep is definitely not the application you want if you’re looking for pure features and functionality, but it does offer a note keeping service in a neat and tidy UI, perfect for quickly navigating when you need to keep track of something, and this is at times where Evernote has issues.

Google Keep UI


Google Keep has a white blank page from where you can add notes to. You can write a title and a note description and they will then appear on your front note page. You can add as many notes as you like, and they will be scaled accordingly to how many characters are written on the note.

Once you’ve finished with a note you can throw it away by swiping it to the right, which will then remove the note from view and archive it for later use.

When creating a note there are a few options to make things easy on the eye when viewing. You can change the note color, and you can also attach images to the note, and with this small list of features, you can create a notes page that keeps you remembering important tasks, whilst looking super tidy as well.

Google Keep UI


App Summary

At some point in our lives, taking notes is something that we all need to do, however most apps neglect the convenience that is needed to be able to take a note right on the spot as quickly as possible. Google Keep is a great note keeper app when it comes to this aspect as it loads up super quickly, it’s quick to store and delete notes, and everything is displayed without any unnecessary navigation. The text is easy to read and fits into the minimalistic style of the app, and it’s integrated straight into the voice search app so if you really need to be quick about things, you can just talk right into your phone and the note will be written out for you.

Finally, unlike some other note keeping services, Google Keep is completely free and syncs into your Google account.







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  1. Kristen

    I usually forget  a lot and it helps me to remember things and the reminder mail saved me from many loss.

  2. Dexter

    This i such a good app i must say.By visiting your site ,it gave me chance to know the most advanced apps.Thanks for the post.

  3. Brenda

    Google’s own note taking services is so good in writing notes of daily tasks. Its very helpful to remember things.


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