When Google announced project Glass, there were people who said ‘is this really possible?’ Well, newsflash people! Google Glasses is here. The first prototypes of this glass have been tested and experts, on the condition of anonymity, have said that this is one of the best products to come out in a long time.


What is Google Glasses?

Google Glasses is primarily a piece of eyewear with a HUD (heads-up display). The prism display of Google Glasses will be located just above your eye-line. It will be controlled using voice commands, which is not new. You say ‘ok glass!’ and a menu pops out, from which you can choose the option you want. You can take pictures, shoot videos, send messages, check email, social networking sites, get directions, etc.


The Hardware


Of course, the glasses will have a prism display and a good quality camera, as pointed out already. But along with that, it will also come with in-built GPS, a high quality microphone, and a little amount of on-board storage. Also, the glasses will not have any speakers. It will use bone induction technology to transmit sound, which is not new but first-of-its-kind for the consumer market.




You can expect Google to outfit Google Glasses with a slightly tweaked version of its well-known Android OS, which is still not yet confirmed. But Android can be made to work like we mentioned earlier in this post, with voice commands.


Design and Price

The glasses will be available in 5 colors: white, black, grey, blue and orange. Reports suggest that the glasses can be worn over existing glasses. So, people with corrected vision can also use this. The price of this will be similar to a normal, high-end smartphone according to reports but nothing has been conformed yet.


The biggest question is will this venture succeed? Considering the current tech-savvy market, if Google plays its cards right, there is no doubt why this will not succeed.

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  1. G. Smith

    It is absolutely a cool stuff from Google. I would like to use this in travel as well. Great product, waiting for its launch.

  2. Derek

    There is no doubt it is an amazing product and this venture will definitely succeed once it is launched.

  3. Paimboeuf

    Wonderful product from google. Very sophisticated and unique which attracts the peoples attention in the first view itself.


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