In recent times, its the Google Glass which has been grabbing all the headlines for obvious reasons, but it is not just Google which has come up with such a product. A company based out of Vancouver called Recon Instruments has been working on its own brand of head mounted eye-gear. However, Recon will cater only to the sport enthusiasts.

Recon Instruments which came into existence in 2008 has been working on developing an athlete-friendly heads-up display or HUD for quite some time now. They initially focused more on skiers and snowboarders, but now their products are designed for all kinds of athletes.


Recon Instruments was founded by Dan Eisenhardt and he has been their CEO ever since. The company launched its latest model for snowboarders last November called the Snow2 model. It was a second generation HUD which has a small magnified display in the boundary of the goggles. According to the company, it has sold more than 50000 units of the goggles by partnering with glass frame manufacturing company like Oakley and Smith Optics to sell the device with the HUD installed.

In a short period of time, they have become the leader in making consumer HUDs for sportspeople. Their next big project is going to be the Recon Jet and they believe that they can reach out to a wider and more diverse market.

Recon Instruments believe that information delivered instantly in the right context can help fulfill their true potential. They stick to their principle of making their products balanced, elegant and safe.
The company has demonstrated its abilities in many conferences in the past few years. Many funding organizations have also felt that Recon Instruments have the potential to grow into something big. Inter Capital for instance made a huge investment in Recon Instruments last October.

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