After getting the numerous positive feedbacks related to the Google TV product that Google launched a couple of years back, the company is now trying to change the way people watch television. As part of its new offerings, it has come up with the Google Chromecast that is no more a complex system with online videos and applications available on the TV. This device is inexpensive, small, and can stream wirelessly all music videos from tablets, laptops, and smartphones to the television screen. Google Chromecast has the shape and size of a flash drive that can be plugged into a standard HDMI port.

 Google Chromecast

How to set up the Chromecast


The set-up process for Google Chromecast is simple and the user can start by plugging in the dongle into the cable extender and then plugging the extender into the free HDMI port of the television. However, using the cable extender is not compulsory and it can be moved away from the rear of the TV in order to improve reception. In case the user has a video or audio receiver with the HDMI input, he can plug the dongle into it rather than on the TV. It is also possible for the user to plug the device into the HDMI switcher, like the three-or-two port switcher, and then plug it in to the TV.


How to use Google Chromecast

 Google Chromecast setup

The use of Chromecast is extremely simple and easy. Users do not have to use the Chromecast application, but instead they can use Google Play, YouTube, or Netflix application with just a single tweak. By tapping on the ‘Cast’ button in these applications, the user can select whether he wants to play the media on his phone, laptop, or tablet. Media content can be streamed from the browser windows but works only with Chrome browser and only on the laptops, Chromebook Pixel and Mac.

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