There is possibly no sphere in media left where you will not find the presence of Google. From internet to software and hardware, from clean-tech and biotech to healthcare, Google has spread its wings very wide indeed. And now you have Chromecast, a tiny video streamer that brings the web to your television screen.


User Interface


Setting up Google Chromecast is really simple. You can slot it into the back of your TV and start using it with the help of a companion device like iPhone, iPad or a computer running Chrome or Mac OS or Windows. You can open an app on your Web browser and play whatever you like by hitting the ‘cast ’ button on your Chromecast. You can control playback from the device which you are using along with Chromecast.

 google chromecast parts

There is no remote control, which means you need a companion device for sure, to choose what you want to see. It means the whole process is slightly slow and confusing, too. Though it makes video-streaming cheap, the variety of content you can watch is limited to Netflix, Youtube and Google Play.


Chromecast Performance


Video playback of Chromecast depends on your broadband and the source of video you choose to play. Newer videos are sharp while older ones look a bit jerky. Also, your TV must have a good digital audio output to experience the 5.1 surround sound supported by Chromecast. You can even drag files from your desktop into Chrome and play them on your TV, as long as they are Chrome-supported files.


Some security features could be added to it to prevent any kind of unwanted content being streamed onto your TV. Also, a physical remote makes it easy for kids to handle such things, which you will sorely miss. The amount of cable clutter might also put you off as you need an external source of power for Chromecast.

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