Turbo Racing League

When I first saw Turbo Racing League, I thought it could just be the Mario Kart on mobile we’ve all been waiting for. The most similar to Mario Kart currently is Beach Buggy Blitz, but without being able to play against real players, the game didn’t rival the fun of Mario Kart. Is Turbo Racing League up to that challenge?

Turbo Racing League Gameplay

Turbo Racing League disappointed me right away when I learnt that the game didn’t have multiplayer, but I continued to play anyway to see what the game did offer, and despite not having a real-time multiplayer experience, the singleplayer was fun, and being able to compete in leaderboards made things competitive.

In Turbo Racing League, or Turbo for short, you play as a snail as you race across the track. You can choose between lots of controls which all use either touch or tilt control methods. I found that the controls were quite smooth and easy to handle, perfect for a racing game.

The game itself is rather cartoony- it has a cartoony feel that makes it pleasant to play for children, but also fun and laughable for adults, which in my opinion is a nice refreshing change from more serious racers like Asphalt 7.

When racing, you’ll come across different jumps, rails and other objects that you can use to your advantage, including boosts, and these are key to earning 3 stars out of 3. Stars will help you to unlock new cups and each race gives you the chance of earning tomatoes both by collecting them on the map and by doing stunts or completing races.


Tomatoes can then be spent on fine tuning your snail with upgrades. The upgrade system works similarly to Beach Buggy Blitz, however you can attach more upgrades, including spoilers and other things that improve your snails performance.

You have to upgrade via the menu when out of a race, and this is where I noticed the only real downfall of the game. Whilst there are obvious freemium elements that are hard to avoid in the upgrade center, what got to me the most was the UI. Whilst it fits in with the theme of the game, it isn’t exactly nice to navigate through, and things can get a bit cluttered at times when browsing the menu, making it hard to concentrate or just find the things you are looking for.



Personally I think that Turbo Racing League is an enjoyable game that can be played by any age group, and whilst the gameplay is simple, it has a depth within the racing cups and upgrade system that keep it interesting for a long time. The UI could be cleaned up a bit, but other than that, Turbo certainly is a solid game.

Download it here.


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  1. Hodge

    I love racing, and i would love to play racing games. The racing with turbo racing seems very wonderful.

  2. Morgan

    Apart from the other racing games with high graphics I felt this cool and funny.

  3. Richy

    Racing games are really crazy, and i never let them out of my pc. Soon gonna load this game. 🙂


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