There are quite a few websites out there that list deals and voucher codes, although most of the time they are user submitted, and you’ll find yourself scrolling through deals that have no meaning to you, or just aren’t worth a purchase.

With Vouchercloud you can find deals and voucher codes in your local area, filter different deals depending on the type of product you’re looking for, and keep an eye on the best and most popular deals currently available.

Vouchercloud Overview

Vouchercloud has a really neat UI that categorizes all of the deals available in your area. The first landing page to be shown is the featured page, where you can swipe across and view a total of 10 featured deals, and then click on each deal to read more about it and its location.


You also have tabs at the top of the app that can be scrolled through to access different filters. These filters range from location based, vouchers, and deals, to various types of deals such as restaurants, film and theatre, and online shopping. The deals are then shown in a scrollable list that can be sorted by distance or most popular.

When clicking on a deal, you’ll be given details about the location of the business, terms and conditions, info about the business, as well as links for their phone number, location and website.


To actually access the codes, you have to sign up for a free account, however once that’s done you’ll be able to use codes, save them for later use, and access other register-only features.

These include a viewing history,  a my deals and my vouchers page, as well as other details that can help you to keep track of your favorite deals and businesses.

App Summary

Although by using a user-submitted platform you can usually come across the odd bargain that doesn’t appear on this app, Vouchercloud has a beautiful UI that lists thousands of deals all relative to you. You can find deals based on location, or popularity, and even search for specific deals for business, and quickly access business’ contact information to make a purchase.


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  1. Lori M

    There are many best deals I can find here. I hope there is a online booking and delivery facility available too.

  2. Blake

    Yes im really impressed with this App,its very helpful to all users in their mobile serach.

  3. Daniel

    Wow Voucher cloud is just amazing.I love this app.Thanks for the post,it is very helpful to all and also useful.good one.

  4. Gabriella

    Yes grab the great deals in the voucher cloud and have fun. I really love this app.


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