While people are still getting to know the latest Galaxy S4 from Samsung, the company had already released the newest member of its hugely successful tablet line, the Galaxy Tab 3. This Tab did not get the required attention as it was overshadowed by the S4, but it looks like Samsung has a winner on its hand again. With a nice display unit, decent processing capability, and the latest version of Android on board, this Tab will definitely appeal to all users.


Technical Specifications of Tab 3

 samsung galaxy tab 3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 runs on the 4.1 or Jelly Bean version of Android. It also has a 7 inch screen, which can display 1800p images and videos. This is something that every tablet owner of the modern generation craves for and although it is no match for the Retina display of Apple, it is a decent effort made by Samsung. The processor is a 1.2 GHz Dual Core unit that powers the new Tab 3. This is slightly disappointing because the new phones from Samsung have better processing capability than the Tab 3. You also have to make a choice between the 16 GB or the 8 GB unit for the internal memory.




The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has 2 cameras, the front and the back one. The rear camera is a 3MP unit and the front is a 1.3 MP unit, which is again a little disappointing. One of the drawbacks of the Tab series is the bad camera and it seems like the trend just got extended.


The competition between Apple and Samsung is heating up. Although Samsung seems to lead in the sheer variety of devices on offer, they have to step it up in terms of quality and sophistication if they want to overtake Apple, especially in the world market.



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  1. Amina

    I am a huge fan of samsung gadgets. This Galaxy Tab 3  is amazing i really love the sophisticated features. So good and amazing.

  2. Carol

    Samsung tablet got sophisticated features. Amazing features and also unique as well.


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