Mobile CompassSmartphones slowly developed to help integrate all the devices a person might need into one unit. Over the years, phones have integrated useful functions like cameras, remote car starters, television remote controls, security cameras, and fitness trackers. As a result, companies like FitBit, who makes single-purpose fitness trackers, are facing a grim future. These companies are in the process of being phased out by multi-purpose devices like the smartphone and smartwatch.

Although FitBit reviews from satisfied customers are extremely positive, this might not help much in the long run. History has shown that if consumers must carry or wear an extra device, they are unlikely to bother with it when they have access to a multipurpose device that performs the same functions.

When multipurpose devices enter a single-purpose marketplace, many companies fight back by altering the single-purpose device to become multifunctional. New features like wireless connectivity, software filters and on-screen editing are added.

FitBit released the Force product line to extend their capabilities past simply a fitness tracker to provide an enhanced display and caller ID from iPhones. Unfortunately, the FitBit Force was recalled due to a major issue and was forced off of the market.

From a long-term standpoint, the best option is to embrace a specific niche market. By offering the Kindle for a cheap price, Amazon has been able to capture a market that does not want to spend money on the full functionality of a tablet.

At the moment, FitBit is the market leader with regards to fitness tracking with shares continuing to improve. Therefore, through product improvement and innovation and a decrease in price, FitBit could still find a comfortable niche market.

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