It’s nice to be able to dine at fancy restaurants, and visit nice places for a special occasion, but unless you’re eating something you really fancy, it seems to ruin the mood a little. Most people have a favorite restaurant for various reasons, but when it comes to trying out new places, the most important aspect is the food. With Foodspotting, you can search for a recipe you like, and then go to a restaurant that’s serving up a similar dish, instead of picking out a restaurant and making a decision out of the choices you have when you get there.


With Foodspotting, spotted food is located in your local area, and directions can be found to reach the different food locations. However, unlike most restaurant searching apps, you’ll be specifically looking for a certain dish, instead of finding a particular restaurant. In general the app does a good job at finding the food you’d like, but it relies on user submitted dishes, and some foods may have been uploaded years ago, so there are a few issues.


Searching food

Perhaps the easiest part of the app: You can quickly search for food using the search bar on the app, and Foodspotting usually comes back with fairly accurate results. From here you can click on each dish and then find information about it and its location.

 FoodSpotting Food Search

If you’re also not too sure about what to eat in the local area, you can view nearby foods without searching, and this will show up the foods closest to you. You can also browse through the latest foods, and the highest rated in your area.

I managed to find a dish I was looking for in minutes, and surprisingly it was less than 10km away. I live in a rural area so it’s nice that even here, there’s a lot to find, and if you’re living in a denser area, you’re only going to have even more choices to choose from.


Spotting food

The only real thing that keeps Foodspotting going is the input from the users of the app. When a user eats a dish, he or she can submit it, or ‘spot’ it on Foodspotting, so that any other potential customers could find it at a later point.

Surprisingly a lot of dishes have been and are still getting uploaded by other owners of the app, and the community around it seems quite strong. I found a dish that someone had posted over 2 years ago, but thanks to a few minutes of their time, I could enjoy a nice meal out, along with countless others who have stumbled across that dish in the last two years.


Social Aspects

Although Foodspotting is all about finding the best food in your area, the social aspects within the app help to give it an extra depth. And certainly without it, the app would not work as smoothly as it does. If you create a Foodspotting account, you can edit your profile details with information about yourself and your favorite foods, put up your own picture, and keep track of your favorite dishes, and any friends’ activity.

 Foodspotting Coffee

After building up a friends list with people whom have similar taste in food to you, you’ll soon be able to find your favorite dishes even quicker than before, and with the social aspects always at hand, you’re always able to ask a friend their opinion on a certain dish.



Foodspotting is definitely a very smart concept, and with it you’ll quickly be able to find any favorable dishes you may be searching for. The social aspects let you keep track of recommended meals, and spotting food helps to add more choice to anyone else in your area looking for food. What I love most about Foodspotting though, is that the users have built a very strong community based around food, and without that, the app would crumble.

Download Foodspotting here.


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  1. Lipscomb

    I am a foodie and it helps me find some new places to go and try many new things. I used to go some regular places before I found this in my tab. 🙂

  2. Eddy

    I found this interesting as I got the recipe I was looking for and also the other new ones.

  3. Jokovic

    Food spotting app is amazing.It gave me  enough chance to spot the food without wasting my time and helps me to go out with my family to best places.

  4. Sabine

    Amazing, we can easily spot the food of any region but I found less in my place.


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