FoodBuzz is an interesting website that caters to food bloggers who want to share their latest food and dining discoveries and to people who constantly search for great cooking ideas. The site indexes thousands of food blogs and partners with a large number of bloggers to write contents. Currently it contains 7.5 million posts, which you can search through.


The site covers all things that food enthusiasts are looking for, from main course meals, quick dinners, wines, to desserts. Through the site users can explore new meal ideas and learn cooking tips from other members of the FoodBuzz community.


How does it work?

There are three ways to sign up for a FoodBuzz account. The easiest way is by signing up through Facebook or Twitter. You can also use the registration form found along the right hand column. If you do not want to integrate your Facebook or Twitter account to FoodBuzz, you can click on the orange “Join FoodBuzz” link at the top right hand corner of the homepage, near the search bar.

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Once you have an account, you can create your profile and start blogging so you can be seen by other food lovers in the FoodBuzz community. Your blog can include reviews about restaurant, food, and recipes.


You do not have to be a member of FoodBuzz to access the food reviews and recipes. However, becoming a member allows you to enjoy more things in the site. The following are some of the interesting things you can do in the site.


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Check out numerous food blogs featuring the daily top 9, health buzz, family bites, flavor of the month, and many more.

Read about the Project Food Blog, which is the first interactive blogging competition.

Try some new recipes from the brand specific pages and prepare the most delicious meal for the day.


Quick Access FoodBuzz categorize its food according to what is sweet, savory, festive, global, and many more. These categories are placed on top of the page as tabs for easy access.  Every page displays the latest entry from food bloggers, with a catchy title and a short preview of the blog. Clicking on the title will automatically lead you to blogger’s website for you to read the entire article.


Social Networking If you like a certain blog, you can share it to your friends by hitting the Pin it, Tweet, or Like buttons, which are located just below the every topic preview in the page. You can also join the FoodBuzz Community and discuss with other food lovers anything under the sun.

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Business Potential Registering at FoodBuzz gives food bloggers great opportunities to boost up traffic in their blogs. FoodBuzz can be the best place to expose and market your blog in a unique way.


Career Opportunities The site allows you to join the Publisher Community and gives bloggers new revenue stream.



To some extent, the initial user interface is confusing. The account sign up and the home page does not have the same domain name. Sign-up page domain is



However, when you click on the home page it brings you to, without any tab or shortcut key that will bring you back to the previous page.


Nevertheless, while FoodBuzz streams the best recipes and food reviews from millions of food bloggers, it can be the best place for you to search different cooking ideas with less hassle.

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  1. Villalvazo

    Great experience to share many awesome dishes around the globe. Can also learn many new things to try for first time.

    • winnie

      That’s true. It also gives you a great advantage in that great recipies are found on one platform. Saving in cost.

  2. Lipscomb

    What ever guys. This is an amazing platform to find new dishes and taste different.

  3. kite

    Food buzz is amazing.Now its very easy to me to share my experiences and thoughts about the food which i taste,such a wonderful post.

  4. Sandy

    This is such a good site.Being a food blogger i can share my views,& experiences on the latest food and dining discoveries,which makes me happy.Thanks for the post.

  5. jimcarry

    Food buzz is amazing, being a food blogger it helps me a lot. I always try new dishes, It’s a nice platform to share our recipes.


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