You have a business and a website for the business which has the potential to drive a huge chunk of traffic and profitability to your website. Still you are not able to harness the true power that your online presence could have brought you in the form of clients, traffic and profitability. There are times when many of the so called SEO experts will put the whole blame on the website or will point out the link building anomalies you have created over time. The best approach however is to sit back and have a look at the business and website in totality so that loopholes which result in non performance of the website can be fixed. Given below are a few points that you need to check for your website on a regular basis so that you have a regular flow of customers.

The website design needs to be appealing and catchy

It is a matter of seconds before the visitor decides if he or she needs to stay on your website or not. A survey suggests it is within the first three seconds the visitor decides whether he will stay or not. Forget about selling your product or service the first fight is to make the visitor stay on the website. Check for your bounce rate, if it is too high you need to have a relook at the design and make your landing page and home page more attractive and better to hold the visitors interest for a long time.

You have leads but you are lacking in conversion

There are visitors on your website however your conversions funnel is leaking or faulty somewhere. There are businesses that have large forms to fill which drive visitors away from your website. There are websites that will pester you to buy something additional along with the things you have come to buy, this again creates a negative impression on the visitor. Thus try and avoid any kind of form filing or clubbing other products with your main product to have a perfect conversion funnel for your business.

External factors create a change in the flow of your business

There are businesses which are based on external factors. If you are running a tours and travel company in a particular area the traffic and visits on your website is of course going to increase in the season time. Although you may have visitors in low season however the conversion will not be in sync with the traffic. You need to find the highs and lows of your business. Earn maximum while the season is at peak and consolidate your position while it is off season.

It is not always that your SEO or SEO provider is flawed there are ample of chances that there is a loophole in your business or even the industry you are working in. Hire the best SEO professional, follow the basics and make your business and website work for you in terms of monetary growth.

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