low-batteryAndroid-powered phones are solid devices with excellent applications, a high quality build and well-written software. Unfortunately, they occasionally suffer from quick battery drain. This occurs when the phone battery drains for no reason. This malfunction is caused by Google, and there is a simple fix that can be implemented to eliminate the issue.

The cause of the power drain

The culprit of this technical issue is Google Services, which runs in the background on Android phones and keeps all service synced and saved. For some undiscovered reason, this service becomes stuck while operating, resulting in a major power drain on many phones. Essentially, the service is continually polling its phones and rapidly draining the battery in the process. The issue only occurs on a specific device model on a certain version of the Android software.

The simple repair

Once you observe the battery life exhausting faster than usual, reboot the phone. This un-sticks the background tasks and allows it to operate as intended. If your phone’s battery continues to drain unusually quickly, check the battery data in the Settings option. This will indicate the application that is utilizing the most battery. Once that has been determined, immediately uninstall the application.

The majority of owners who have this software/smartphone combination are not aware of this issue until the battery has reached a critical level. However, resetting the phone should restore it to normal levels of power consumption so you can use the device throughout the day.

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