iphoneSmartphones can be hacked just like computers, and the iPhone is no exception. iOS has a reputation for lacking malware and being a strong and robust operating system that is free from data breaches and hacking. However, there are some aspects of the software, such as lock screen vulnerabilities and passcodes, that can expose it to threats.

Luckily, there are five helpful tips to help keep data safe on the iPhone. First, users should enable an alphanumeric password because the number and letter combinations are almost impossible to crack. Second, Control Center appears at the top of all lock screens unless disabled. This allows thieves to set the phone to airplane mode and prevent the user from remotely wiping the phone. The fix is to simply turn off the feature to keep all data on the phone protected.

Third, when holding down the home button on the lock screen, Siri becomes enabled. This could allow a thief to make malicious calls, access the contact list and post to Facebook on behalf of the owner. Again, the fix is as simple as disabling the feature. Fourth, by enabling the Find My iPhone feature, users can easily track their phone from any device through triangulation. Users also have the ability to lock the phone and display a message.

Finally, installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app will encrypt all data over unsecured wireless connections. Therefore, if a hacker intercepts transmissions, he or she will not be able to read it because of the encryption. Public Wi-Fi is extremely vulnerable to attacks so this is an excellent method of protection.

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