facebookAs Facebook evolves, many users have become uncomfortable with the type and amount of information they share with third-party applications and websites. The company has now developed a solution: anonymous login. This feature will allow users to sign in to applications without revealing their identities. When anonymously logged in, the applications will be forbidden from gathering personal information.

The social media platform has developed into a universal sign-in feature for a variety of websites and applications, eliminating the need to remember countless usernames and passwords. However, the platform also shares users’ personal information with those same applications and websites, thus making many users wary of data theft. The social network recently unveiled the new feature to a limited number of applications and will expand it in the coming months.

On the other hand, for those who do not mind sharing their information but want the option to select which third-party applications and websites can view it, the company is developing a privacy control option to be coupled with the standard login. For example, users would have the option to share their birthday but not a friends list.

In addition to the new privacy features, the company also launched a new mobile ad network that will make it easier for Android and iPhone application developers to utilize already-optimized advertising formats while partnering with companies to target specific demographics. This information was announced at the F8 Developer Conference held at The Concourse in San Francisco.

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