Social media has catapulted to become one of the strongest marketing forces, in the past few years. Over time, there has been a significant increase in the number of people using social media. There has also been an increase in the diversification of the various purposes of social media.

Brand recognition and need for expression apparently seem to be the most common reasons for this increased usage of social media. The problem arises when people tend to mix both these needs together and come up with befuddling updates. This can be quite a turn off for most individuals.

You may probably be unaware of the mistakes that tend to drive our consumers away. It is important to look out for some of these mistakes, which should always be avoided in case of your Facebook Pages!

Combining personal and professional spaces

Riding on two boats in case of businesses has always led to Doomsday. You need to work out ways to avoid combining personal and professional lives. Work towards understanding the situation and resist the temptation of being personal on your Facebook fan pages. It is advisable to be professional, unbiased and aloof from conspiracy on your Facebook fan pages. Even when provoked, you need to refrain from making personal comments on your Facebook page!

Lack of consistency

While there is no fixed time cycle for posting updates on your Facebook pages, it is important to keep up a consistent schedule for posting. You could consider having your updates monitored before having them posted. It is advisable to look out for consistency, and have a balanced approach for updates. Steer away from posting too many, or very less updates. Keep your Facebook page regularly updated to minimize confusion.

Unprofessional or Plagiarized Photographs on Facebook

Facebook Images

Be professional with images on facebook

It is always better to avoid posting any unprofessional photographs. You must also avoid indulging in plagiarism by posting photographs that have already been uploaded previously. Consider clicking clear pictures, which may not always require expensive and fancy cameras.

Unresponsive attitude on Facebook

It is strongly recommended to be highly responsive on your Facebook Page. Even of you find derogatory remarks that belittle your products and services, consider handling those gracefully. You could take your conversations offline instead of ignoring your customers right away!

Keeping up your business image could be quite a big responsibility, and you need to effectively deal with the same.

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