Facebook the social media mogul has been in news lately because of the big takeover it has undertaken. WhatsApp is going to be in Facebook’s arsenal. Thats a major news from the house of FB since it came up with its first public issue and the buying of Instragram. We have seenFB grow from a networking website meant for university students to a portal where one could share’s one’s photographs and connect with old pals. The magnanimous growth of fb caught the fancy of marketers in recent years which of course has added to the success of this social networking website.


WhatsApp is second to none not even to facebook in its niche. WhatsApp has been able to garner the same success as fb however in another niche. Smartphone based messaging apps is the niche where WhatsApp has gained the position of a Czar. The deal pegged at $19 billion is of course a major upheaval both in the social media circles and Smartphone based messaging apps.

Since WhatsApp has 450 million users in its database and almost 1 million joining it almost everyday it’s not a bad deal for fb team. Facebook is looking to cover where it may be loosing (countering twitter). It has been seen as a good partner while allowing its partner to retain its core competency and values. Sometime back it had taken over Instagram. And Instagram is still strong with Facebook. Same ways it has promised the founders of WhatsApp that it will keep WhatsApp free from advertisements.

Absence of advertisements is a major reason for the success of WhatsApp thus facebook will make sure that it continues to keep WhatsApp the way it has been since its inception. Along with that WhatsApp employed a very small team of engineers. If sources are to be believed WhatsApp worked with 32 engineers only. This is another reason for Facebook to be happy since the small agile team will be at its disposal without much operating costs.

This is a win win situation for both WhatsApp and Facebook since Whatsapp is getting paid for all the hard work and consistency for years. Facebook has its own reasons to celebrate. Its going to be a shot in the brand image of Facebook, getting more reach to people who don’t want to socialize on social media is of course a reason to celebrate for facebook.



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