Facebook a couple of days ago had clearly disapproved the practice of like gating where many marketers would inflate their page likes via methods that do not fall under organic modes of marketing. Many would feel that facebook is trying to shoo away marketers from facebook however the fact remains that facebook is trying to make the experience on facebook one of the best across the industry for users. If stopping like gating was good news for users on facebook the latest is for marketers since the data facebook is going to provide them would be a great enhancement in converting leads.

Facebook ads improving the positioning

Cross Device reporting for Facebook Ads

Cross Device Reporting from Facebook

The introduction of cross device reporting from facebook will enhance the experience of the marketers who are relying on facebook for advertising and sales. This will be a boost for marketers who do not have enough data about the devices on which their ads are viewed and where sales occur. Generally users view the ads on their mobile phones while they are travelling or are at work and will make a purchase once they are at home or maybe form a laptop or desktop. Apart from that they may have seen the ad on someone else’s system and will make a purchase on their own mobile tablet or computer. Facebook will give all this information to marketers.

The benefits of Cross Device reporting for marketers

Once marketers are clear where the ad is viewed and where the purchase has been made it will be easy for them to position their ads in future. Facebook is being extensively used on handheld devices like mobiles and tablets. Many sales are occurring over there. However there are lots of people who will view these ads on their tablets and mobile phones but will prefer to make the purchase on a laptop or a desktop. Thus marketers need to analyze which kinds of ads are viewed on mobile devices so that the ad can be strategically optimized and placed for mobile devices.

Will help in better placements of Facebook ads

On facebook marketers need to make sure that their ads have a better reach for mobile devices where people tend to use facebook on Mobile devices. Same ways if many people in an area are using facebook on computer the ads should be optimized for the same. Cross device reporting from facebook also holds importance since it will give marketers an idea of how their ads are performing.

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