The use of social media to promote your products and services cannot be denied in the present scenario. Leveraging social media is the name of the game if you are looking to generate genuine specific traffic to your website and have a burning desire to increase your sales. Embedding social media to leverage your campaign is something that is being done by many smart marketers. Many of us would however not prefer to embed social media into our websites or blogs due to the fear of receiving criticism. However the benefit of embedding social media is far more beneficial than the amount of harm done by someone ridiculing you on social media.

Embed Social media Content on your website

Embed Social media Content and presentations

Curating a Collection from Social Media and using it for your campaign

You can have a series of posts that you have posted about an event or a happening on the industry you had shared on social media. You can even bring together content you think can be beneficial for your ongoing campaign from your or someone’s else’s social media accounts. Content curation that is presentation of content in the right perspective is the best thing you can do to your campaign.

Embed Social Media on website for testimonials

Users provide an unbiased opinion about anything on social media. When you embed social media accounts on your website they will provide an idea to new users of what exactly you are up to. These social media updates embedded on your website are going to act as testimonials for you. These testimonials are considered to be most genuine since they are coming directly from users from social media.

Embedding presentations to your articles on Blogs and article directories

Reading an article on a blog or a article directory can be quite boring since one goes at length explaining the various aspects about one single topic. Almost everyone likes variety. If you are able to embed social media or a presentation in your write up with a topic that is much related to something you are discussing in the article chances are that you are going to receive a lot of views and shares on that article. Visuals within an article attract more users and are able to hold the interest of users easily. Building a network on websites like slide share can be helpful in leveraging the users of slide share on the rest of the websites.

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